CULTURE bosses have moved to reassure visitors to a city arts venue after a row over new unisex toilets.

Tramway, in Pollokshields, has turned its ground floor male and female toilets into shared-sex bathrooms.

But not everyone is comfortable with the move and there are claims not enough information has been given about the gender-neutral spaces.

Concerns were circulating that no toilets in the arts and culture venue, run by Glasgow Life, would be segregated.

The arm's-length council company has now clarified that all first floor toilets will still be male and female.

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And anyone wishing to use a private toilet while downstairs in the venue can use the accessible loos.

However, this did not allay concerns from some users of the Albert Drive venue.

One member of the Time For Art group, which meets at Tramway, said: "I don't have a problem with gender neutral toilets and don't have a problem with anyone who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, but we still need to keep separate male and female toilets.

"There are many issues to consider, such as protecting young children and girls from men.

"A lot of people at the art group have concerns about this move; most of them are older and so they feel more comfortable with separate spaces.

"Tramway also sits in an area with one of the highest Muslim populations in Scotland and there are already barriers to getting BME communities involved.

"If this isn't promoted properly then it could turn off Muslim women from going to Tramway as well."

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The Tramway regular added: "Able-bodied people shouldn't be encouraged to use the disabled toilets as disabled people need and deserve to have their own provision.

"There are lots of additional issues for people with disabilities and they shouldn't have to queue while able bodied people use their facilities."

It was not clear from Glasgow Life what had prompted the change but a spokesman said it was designed to make Tramway more inclusive.

The spokesman confirmed an impact assessment had not been carried out before implementing the new toilet system.

No adaptations have been made to the newly gender-neutral toilets other than signage change.

One sign offers urinals and cubicles while the other offers cubicles only.

Another regular user of Tramway, who asked not to be named, said: "I meet my mum friends here every week and we've watched people be totally baffled by these signs.

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"It's not clear that there are segregated toilets elsewhere, you have to ask. It needs to be much clearer.

"It's fine for them to say to go upstairs - but they're not pushing my double buggy."

Another regular said: "This takes away provision from all women and those who identify as women without consulting us first.

"We're entitled to segregated spaces and it's galling to have that removed as a trial run before an impact assessment - that's cart before the horse."

As previously told by the Evening Times, new build schools in Glasgow are being built with gender neutral toilets, which teaching staff said have been a success in cutting bullying and improving inclusivity.

A spokesman for Glasgow Life said: “We’re committed to equal access for all and we’re working to make Tramway inclusive for everyone.

"As part of this, we now have gender neutral toilets in the building.

"Separate male and female and accessible toilet facilities remain for those who would rather use them.”

"This is a trial for three months and we will assess the impact before any decision is taken on future provision."

The spokesman added: "Any future provision of gender neutral toilets at other [Glasgow Life] facilities will be determined in due course."