I am going to tell you know that I think we will see Dedryck Boyata play for Celtic again.

There will be Celtic fans going off their head about that because if you are a supporter then he is a guy you don’t want anywhere near the club.

But let me off this for consideration. Boyata is an asset to Celtic. There is still time to receive a bid for him and let him leave the club, allowing Celtic to make a profit on a player who can walk for nothing at the end of next season.

Not playing him reduces that value.

Also, when I think of my time under Martin O’Neill this is what he would have done. He’d have played Boyata. Why? Because he is the best centre-half that he has got. So he would have played him. He would not have spoken a word to him and he wouldn’t have given him the time of day after his behaviour, but he wold have played him.

And I suspect that is what Brendan will do.

If I was in the shoes of the current Celtic players, I have to say that I would also be able to let it go. We all know that Dedryck was out of order.

I don’t have an issue with players wanting to move to another club and to get more money. It’s life. But how he went about it was poor.

He will have a lot of bridges to build in terms of going back into that dressing room. He will have to accept the criticism from his team-mates that will come his way but I have to say that in that position, I’d have felt better going onto the pitch with the best defender at the club on the park.

Ultimately, you are there to win football games.

Boyata should have been on the plane to Athens and he should have out his body on the line when it counted. We all know he didn’t.

But there is no point in cutting off your nose to spite your face now.