I BOUGHT a display cabinet from a furniture retailer. It was flat-pack and was to be assembled at my house by a joiner. When he opened up the packaging, we discovered that as well as a handle and two hinges missing, the drawer fronts are cream while the carcass is brown as I wanted. Numerous calls and visits later we are no further forward. What can we do?

You can lawfully reject the goods as not conform to the agreement made, and claim your money back. If they don’t pay up, you can sue them in the sheriff court for your refund plus costs incurred including legal costs. See a solicitor immediately, and also contact trading standards

I LIVE in a first floor council flat, above me are my neighbours who privately own their flat. Can you clarify what rules there are, if any, with regards to the playing of musical instruments at various times of the day and night, and so loud it is very hard to hear my television?

This is a legal nuisance and you can go to court asking the sheriff to make an interdict order ( equivalent of English injunction) preventing excessive noise. You should also report the matter to the environmental health dept of the council for enforcement action – could even end up with an ASBO if they don’t cut down the jamming.

My neighbour removed the boundary hedge between our respective owned properties without my consent and then erected a panel fence which is at least half a foot into my ground. As a result, my proposed conservatory had to be reduced by a third of a metre wide. I have complained to the local authority and had meetings with them but nothing can be done?

The council only see things from a planning and building control point of view, not a property ownership one. If your land has been encroached upon, you can get a court order to have your neighbour remove back to the property boundary – and pay your court costs if they try to defend unsuccessfully. They cannot squat legally, and any fence they build without your consent must be on their land only.

I AM elderly and have had the same energy company supplying my flat for years. I have apparently built up a credit with them of £900. I got a refund of £179. Am I entitled to the remainder as it’s my money?

I confess not being a utilities law expert, but unless there is something in your supply contract that says they can keep credit money, you should be entitled to ALL of your own cash. Two things I’d say: one is to speak to the wonderful advisers at the Citizens Advice Bureau – they are very experienced in this kind of thing, and they’re free. You can call them on 03454 04 05 06. The second is that clearly you are paying too much, and should take advice from Home Energy Scotland. Again free and impartial, call 0808 808 2282.