He is seen by some as a stand-up comedy king of the put-down.

But Scots comedian Frankie Boyle seemed not to be in the mood for dealing with drunken hecklers at his latest show in Glasgow.

Fans have revelled in plentiful YouTube videos of the best of Frankie Boyle insults.

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And earlier this month when he took his Prometheus Volume III show to Edinburgh the former Mock The Week lynchpin announced to the crowd: "I hope you all get cancer", which was greeted, of course, with waves of laughter from an audience that gets his mock hostility.

Glasgow Times:

Some fans were concerned that he had to walk off for five minutes or so when faced with jibes from a section of the Thursday night audience.

But many more showed their disdain to those who were doing the heckling at Boyle's Prometheus Volume III show.

Boyle himself said he had to call a temporary halt "to get some drunks thrown out because I was recording an album".  

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But Darren McGarvey, the author and community activist, also known as Loki, who recently won the Orwell Prize for his book Poverty Safari put the blame on the hecklers.

Glasgow Times:

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Glasgow Times:

Boyle will face more Glasgow audiences on Friday and Saturday night as he finishes his run at the Theatre Royal.