GLASGOW politicians have demanded transparency on a last-minute decision to withdraw permission for Rangers to use a council facility for a fan zone.

The Ibrox club was told it no longer had permission to use the community complex opposite Ibrox just 10 days before it was due to be held.

Glasgow MSPs have called for clarity on the involvement council leader Susan Aitken and her deputy David McDonald.

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Anas Sarwar, Glasgow Labour MSP, said: “There is a need for full transparency on this issue particularly on whether or not the SNP leader and deputy brought political interference to a quasi-judicial process.”

He pointed to a previous fan zone at the venue for a Scotland Euro qualifier match in 2014.

The Ibrox club was told by Glasgow Life it was withdrawing permission for fan zone on a community facility, on August 2 with the zone planned for a match against St Mirren on August 12.

Glasgow City Council leaders told Glasgow Life of the decision after it was not satisfied the club had done enough to gain the backing of the local community for the plans.

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Ms Aitken and Mr McDonald, chair of Glasgow Life, have been criticised with claims of political interference and double standards.

However, the plans are not dead as the council said it has no objection in principle to a fan zone at Ibrox – provided it has the local community’s support.

Rangers sources claim the leadership blocked a hearing for a Public Entertainment Licence, which was required for the fan zone to operate.

A source said Mr McDonald “instructed Glasgow Life to withdraw permission to use the venue”.

However, council sources said that as long as there are objections, permission can not be granted to use the community venue. And once permission was withdrawn to use the venue, the council said there was no competent basis to hold a licensing meeting for a Public Entertainment Licence.

The Ibrox and Cessnock Community Council met in July and voted to oppose the plans for a fan zone.

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Adam Tomkins, Conservative MSP, said: “Questions have been raised as to whether this is the case treating Rangers fans differently to how they propose to treat Hampden.

On Hampden however, Ms Aitken’s said the council would back plans for a fan zone as long as “appropriate levels of community engagement be undertaken”.

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council, said: “This is a community-run venue and the council made it absolutely clear to Rangers it would need to work with the local community to earn its backing for a proposed fan zone.

“As things stand, that hasn’t happened and the community simply does not support using the venue.

“The club is well aware that the council has no objection in principal to the development of fan zones at any stadium. However, it must also understand it still needs to do more to convince its own neighbours.”