TESCO has become the first supermarket in the UK to put a Christmas tree up - in AUGUST.

The supermarket got into the festive spirit four months early by installing the towering 25ft spruce in the car park of its store in Cambridge.

Shoppers were stunned to see the Christmas tree decorated with fairy lights when they turned up to do their weekly shop on Wednesday.

One shopper, who asked not to be named, said: "It was just while we were popping into Tesco and took a photo otherwise people wouldn't believe us.

"We were thinking more on the lines of 'what is the world coming to when it's Christmas in August in the Tesco car park'.

"I mean I know the shops are bringing Christmas stuff in earlier and earlier but a Christmas tree in August is just odd."

Rob James, who also spotted the tree whilst shopping at Tesco, wrote on Twitter: "Just seen a Christmas tree getting decoreted (sic) in the car park of Newmarket Road @Tesco.

"It's bonkers! I don't understand why it was there?"

Other shoppers also reported seeing hoards of Christmas stock on the shelves of Tesco, including cards and festive-themed boxes of chocolates.

However, Tesco has appeared to find the funny side as they replied to Rob on Twitter, writing: "Hi Rob, Oh that's a bit early isn't it! 117 sleeps to go! I hope it will be decorated with Halloween decorations first :)."

Earlier this month, the Air Balloon pub in Bristol became the first in Britain to put up a Christmas tree complete with tinsel and lights.