An RSPCA inspector says his 'blood was boiling' after rescuing a badly beaten dog - which had been set on fire and attacked with a SCREWDRIVER.

The bull-lurcher, which has been named Bruce by vets, is in a stable condition but it is too early to say if it will recover from his horrendous injuries.

Bruce was found with a hole in the top of his head and its eye gouged out when he was found by animal welfare officers - who described it as the 'worst cruelty in 20 years'.

The tanned pooch was rescued in Carlisle, Cumbria, on Friday (Aug 31) and a fund has raised almost £4,000 so far.

Upset RSPCA inspector Anthony Jones said "my blood is boiling" following the grim state Bruce was left in and he also appealed for help to find the abhorrent perpetrator.

Mr Jones added: "He (Bruce) may be broken but he's also beautiful and distinctive."

Bruce was found wandering dazed and bloodied and underwent life-saving surgery on Saturday but there was still a chance he may not pull through.

A deep hole was found in the top of Bruce's skull and several other puncture wounds in the side of his face as well as burns around his tail and rear end.

He also had a swollen, protruding eye and his head was bloodied and battered.

Describing the case, RSPCA Chief Inspector Rob Melloy said: "In 20 years of service it is truly one of the worst cases of cruelty I have seen.

"I will never understand how someone could be so brutally violent towards a loyal, loving dog. It’s heartbreaking and I really hope Bruce pulls through.

“We believe this poor dog has been beaten with a screwdriver or a piece of wood with a nail hammered into it, giving him the severe puncture wounds and nasty eye injury which has then become infected.

“The fur and skin around his rear end and tail are also scalded and burned as if someone has tried to set him on fire," Mr Melloy said.

“His eye is in an horrendous state and sadly will need removing.

“He’s very skinny and, as well as the puncture wounds on his head and face, his skull has also been fractured in several places and his jaw is broken."

Ashlea Veterinary Centre Ltd, which is looking after Bruce, said on Facebook that the dog 'is being a superstar about all his treatments'.

The online charity fund has been up by dog warden Vicky Carr and said the "vile people" responsible need to be found.

She added: "He's definitely a fighter, the look on his face has given me hope.

"I just want him to live a life knowing what a loving pet owner feels like."

To donate to the fund, visit: