MUSIC stars have joined a campaign to turn Scotland's only state-run girls' school into a co-ed secondary.

Indie band musicians from Belle and Sebastian and the Bluebells are now speaking out the debate around Notre Dame High School.

Notre Dame High for All group says the 120-year-old establishment’s refusal to admit boys is divisive.

But Girls4NotreDame, an opposing group, hopes the school will stay as it is following a consultation due to open early next year.

Richard Colburn, the Belle and Sebastian drummer, told the Times newspaper: “I find it very unfair that my son will probably have to attend another secondary school some distance away while his sister will be able to attend Notre Dame High School, which is a very short distance from our house.

“It seems a very old-fashioned system given it’s the only state-run, same-sex school in the country.

“Also, imagine attending a mixed-sex nursery, a mixed-sex primary school, and then having to attend a single-sex secondary school followed by mixed-sex further education.

"How confusing and utterly old-fashioned.”

Robert Hodgens, aka Bobby Bluebell of the Bluebells, also told the Times newspaper: “We live literally yards from a school with some of the best teaching talent in Scotland.

"My son Reuben, unlike his sister Mia, is exclude simply for being a boy. It’s an unfair policy, no matter how you look at it.”

Glasgow City Council said it was committed to hold a consultation on the issue early next year and work is underway to prepare the consultation.