A CARDONALD man has been found guilty of harassing a Gorbals receptionist.

Alan Sitek, 53, told the woman that he ‘fancied the pants off her’ and repeatedly showed up at her work with gifts.

Over the course of three months, he attempted to woo Jacqueline Smith by handing in a list of songs written on a betting slip, presenting paper perfume samples and buying a big box of Ferrero Rocher.

Explaining his actions, Sitek told Glasgow Sheriff Court this week that his intentions were to “hopefully get in her good books to hopefully get a date with her”.

However, the already-married Mrs Smith was not interested in the accused and called the police after she received a Valentine’s Day gift.

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Sitek was warned to stay away from Mrs Smith and her place of work. That would have been the end of it, however the accused found himself arrested after returning to Gorbals Health Centre one last time.

The incidents occurred between November 1, 2017 and February 21, 2018. Sitek denied engaging in a course of conduct that caused Mrs Smith fear and alarm.

During his trial, the accused argued that he was unaware the complainer was upset over his actions and instead claimed he was getting “mixed signals”.

However, his case fell apart during his own testimony when he revealed that Mrs Smith’s colleagues had in fact told him the complainer was bothered by his behaviour.

The court heard that Sitek was originally a patient at the practice, but was no longer registered there after moving away from the area following the breakdown of his marriage.

In November last year, the accused turned up at the medical centre and told Mrs Smith: "Just to let you know that myself and my wife have split up. Now I can let you know that I fancy the pants off you."

Fiscal depute Marie McCue asked the complainer: “How did that come across when he said that?"

Mrs Smith, 45, replied: “I think he was drunk. We kind of just laughed it off."

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When Sitek handed in a bookies slip with a list of songs written on it a few weeks later, the complainer threw it away. At a later date he then returned with perfume samples.

Mrs Smith said: “I told him I was allergic to perfume so to stop him handing things in."

Miss McCue asked: “Are you allergic to perfume?"

The complainer replied: "No."

Sitek returned again – this time with a bunch of flyers, including one for a wedding show.

Mrs Smith stated: “I started to get freaked out."

On February 13 this year, the accused dropped off a Valentine’s Day card and a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

Writing to Mrs Smith, Sitek signed the card: “From your Yankee Candle. P.S loving you more each day.”

Mrs Smith stated that she felt “pretty sick”, adding: “I started to get really scared."

The complainer believed the Yankee Candle reference was linked to a fleece Sitek would wear. The accused, sitting in the dock, was indeed wearing said fleece and later stated: “I'm wearing it now for the benefit of the court."

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The police were called following the Valentine’s gift, to which Sitek was warned to stay away from Mrs Smith and Gorbals Health Centre. He ignored the warning and returned to the practice stating his intention to move back to the area and re-register at the medical centre.

Mrs Smith said: "I was terrified at the end."

Sitek was then arrested.

Defending, Marisa Borland accepted that her client’s comments were “inappropriate in the circumstances”. However, she noted that when Sitek started to “become a pest”, Mrs Smith did not make her feelings crystal clear to him.

Mrs Smith agreed, but told the court: "I felt uncomfortable."

During his own testimony, Sitek explained that his 'fancy the pants' faux pas was "tongue-in-cheek".

He said: "I've said that comment to many a people.

"If they had taken it the wrong way I would've apologised."

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The accused admitted being attracted to Mrs Smith, but claimed he did not go to the medical centre solely to see her.

Explaining the list of songs he handed over, the accused hoped the complainer would like them.

Mrs Borland asked: "Do you accept now that might seem odd?"

Sitek replied: "No."

When asked by Miss McCue if he could remember some of the songs he wrote on the list, Sitek stated: "I Want You To Want Me...unfortunately."

The accused claimed 'that's the way he was brought up to woo someone'. He also "thought she might like" the perfume samples.

He admitted: "It was to entice her, but not in a lurid way."

Mrs Borland highlighted that he was married to his wife for a long time. "Too long," he replied.

Sitek claimed he was getting "mixed signals".

He said: "I got the impression she was acting rather shy, but in a sweet way."

He claimed that Mrs Smith would partly look at him and then look away.

Miss McCue put it to Sitek that she may have done that "because she was disturbed by you".

The accused then exposed himself during his own testimony when he admitted that several of Mrs Smith's colleagues had told him the complainer was bothered by his actions.

At the end of the trial, Sheriff Mackie found Sitek guilty.

He told the court that the accused was "put on notice" after being warned by the police to stay away.

Sheriff Mackie stated: "He ought to have known at that stage that his conduct would have caused fear and alarm to the complainer."

Sentence was deferred for a Criminal Justice Social Work report and Restriction of Liberty Order assessment.

Sitek, of Paisley Road West, will return to court for punishment on October 9.