A craft beer giant has demanded answers on its plans to have an outdoor seating area in the West End.

The owners of BrewDog want permission to have five tables and 10 seats outside their Argyle Street bar.

And they have taken their case to Glasgow’s planning appeals committee after the council failed to make a decision before the statutory deadline in May.

In the past, up to 52 customers have been able to enjoy a drink outside at the same time but that changed when the company was told it needed planning permission.

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Mark Shearman, director of Firstplan planning consultancy, has launched the appeal on behalf of Brewdog.

In a letter to city planners, he said: “The application was submitted online via the e-planning website on March 16, 2018 and was validated and backdated to the date of submission, with a determination deadline of May 15, 2018.

“The date has now passed, and the planning department have not given any indication on whether they will be issuing a decision.

“As such we are instructed to appeal on the grounds of non-determination.”

Last year the planning committee rejected similar proposals based on potential noise levels, residential properties overlooking the area and barriers not being suitable.

BrewDog have now had a noise report carried out by ACA Acoustics which found that levels would be ‘none/not significant’ and would not have a detrimental impact on residents.

Read more: BrewDog continue battle with council over outdoor seating at Finnieston pub

Firstplan will argue that seating has been on the street for six years because the owners didn’t know they needed planning consent.

The issue arose in 2017, when the BrewDog was renewing its licence to operate, the owners were told that they needed planning consent.

In its planning statement, Firstplan said: “BrewDog took occupation of the unit approximately six years ago and have used areas immediately in front and alongside the unit, as well as to the rear of the nearby bus shelter, for the placing of tables and chairs, with a capacity of approximately 52 seats, associated with the bar ever since.

“The highway in this location is spacious with ample space for pedestrians to circulate; hence the successful longstanding use of the area for seating.

“The appellant has received no complaints from residents or the council relating to the seating area during the years that they have traded from these premises.”

The company also confirmed it would be happy to accept a condition that it can only use the seating area between 12pm and 10pm.

A decision was expected to be made by the planning appeals committee this week.

Read more: BrewDog continue battle with council over outdoor seating at Finnieston pub

Famous for its range of craft beers, BrewDog has two bars in Glasgow, with the other being in the Merchant City. The company also has bars in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Dundee and Stirling as well a throughout Europe, the USA and South America.