City centre disgrace

GLASGOW City Centre is disintegrating before our very eyes. 

Aggressive begging on the increase, people sleeping in doorways and on the pavements, vacant premises, litter, graffiti, chaotic traffic management and a general feeling of sad neglect is prevalent.

Walking past the vacant BHS premises on Sauchiehall Street, the stench of urine hits you badly along with all the debris.

The council keeps talking about having strategies in place to tackle the situation but nothing ever happens. 

The only real strategy that needs implemented is zero tolerance to rescue the city before it plunges any lower.

MA, Glasgow

Payday lender move

THE Church of England wants to take over the payday lender Wonga so it can offer competitive loans at low interest.

Since when did the church become loan sharks? I’ve got a better idea for the church. 

Maybe you can start giving poor people money for nothing.

You have been take take taking from them for the past 2000 years after all and it’s all been tax free so I’m pretty sure you wont miss a few million. 

How much is enough? 

Richard Low, Twechar

Licensing move

HAVING read all the blurb about 4-5am proposed extensions to the licensing hours and the reasons for the proposal.

I find it hilarious as the reasons given are exactly the same as when Public Houses got their hours changed from 10pm to 11pm, i.e to bring them in line with  civilised drinking hours in Europe and to stop last minute binge drinking. 

It seems it hasn’t worked. As for appealing to all the tourists who come to Glasgow, it has always seemed to me that the  majority of tourists are middle aged who I’m sure are quite happy to be in bed by 1am. But hey ho, I’m sure all the students will love it. 

H. Dickson, via email

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