A COCAINE addict – who spent £700 a week on his bad habit – dropped a packet of drugs in front of officers.

Mark Traynor, 23, attempted to hide a money bag filled with coke up his shorts, but was caught in the act when a wrap of powder fell to the ground.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court this month, Traynor pleaded guilty to having the Class A drug in his possession with intent to supply.

It was around 5.50pm when plain-clothed officers in an unmarked police vehicle spotted the accused driving.

Traynor was pulled over and searched – to which a green wrap of powder was recovered from his right pocket.

Traynor admitted: "It's cocaine."

Nothing of note was found within the accused's motor or on any of the passengers, however as Traynor stepped away another green packet landed on the ground.

The accused stated: "It fell from my shorts."

Traynor then retrieved a money bag that was hidden up his shorts, which was found to contain 13 wraps of cocaine worth £350.

He was thereafter arrested and taken to a police station.

The incident happened in Lochburn Road on July 7, 2018.

In defence, Traynor's lawyer claimed that it was a "social supply" situation. He explained that the accused and his friends all pitched in to buy the coke for £300.

Traynor, who had "developed a pattern of using cocaine", was spending £700 per week at the height of his addiction. He has since referred himself to counselling services and has been drug-free for the last few weeks.

The defence agent stated: "With the proper support he can overcome this difficulty."

Sheriff Alayne Swanson sentenced the accused, of Avonspark Street, to a Community Payback Order with supervision for 18 months as a direct alternative to custody.