A THUG who brutally beat two police officers has avoided jail.

Gerald Docherty, 28, reversed his van at high speed down a street in an attempt to escape, but when the motor spun out of control he then violently assaulted the constables as they tried to apprehend him. Once detained, cocaine was recovered from his vehicle.

It was around 10.20am when the accused first came to the attention of plain-clothed officers. Docherty, who was behind the wheel of a Ford Transit Connect, came head-to-head in the road with the unmarked police car. With limited space to move due to parked motors, both vehicles came to a stop.

When police identified themselves and motioned for the accused to pull over, Docherty put the van into reverse and took off at speed. He then spun the motor around, smashing into another vehicle. During his attempted getaway, he also reversed into the police car.

When one of the officers attempted to get into the passenger side of the van, Docherty punched him twice. When the other constable went to the driver's door, the accused knocked him back with a headbutt.

Whilst awaiting police backup, Docherty continued his assault on the officers – elbowing one in the eye and punching the other. When eventually brought under control, six bags of cocaine – worth £20 per wrap – were recovered from the van.

The incident happened in Acredyke Road on May 29, 2018.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court last week, Docherty pleaded guilty to failing to stop when requested to do so by police. He also admitted driving dangerously, failing to look out for other road users, reversing at high speed, striking a parked motor and reversing into a police vehicle.

In addition, he also pleaded guilty to assaulting two police constables and having cocaine in his possession.

Docherty's lawyer stated: "He's painfully aware of the gravity of these offences."

The defence agent explained that the accused was attacked a few years ago and was left scarred and permanently impaired. When the plain-clothed police officers "came out of the blue", Docherty panicked and failed to take their identification on board.

The accused accepted that he drove into the police vehicle, but it was not at speed. The small amount of cocaine recovered was also described as of "modest value".

The lawyer claimed that Docherty's family would suffer if he was sent to prison as their income would stop.

Sheriff Ian Fleming admonished the accused, of Fountainwell Road, for failing to stop when requested by police.

In respect to the other charges, Docherty was placed on a Restriction of Liberty Order for 160 days – in which he will have to remain at home between the hours of 9pm and 6am – and was handed a Community Payback Order with supervision for a year.

Docherty was also disqualified from driving for 12 months and must sit the extended test to get his licence back. In addition, the accused was also ordered to pay £250 compensation to each of his assault victims.