A DRIVER heading to a funeral almost faced his own when a tree branch landed on his car during the Storm Ali chaos.

Reacting to the fright, Kevin Beveridge quickly brought his BMW under control and got to safety before a second heavy branch landed on the back of the vehicle and smashed the window.

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Speaking to the Evening Times, Mr Beveridge said: "It literally just appeared at the front and I drove into the branches.

"It was a quick reaction – stop the car, check the damage.

"The second one falling was a lot worse – it was a near miss. The police were there by that stage. We knew I had a bit of a lucky escape."

The 52-year-old was driving past Bellahouston Park on Dumbreck Road just after 11am this morning when the incident occurred.

The Motherwell man and East Renfrewshire Council worker was on his way to a funeral.

He said: "It's lucky it wasn't my own."

"It was very, very scary."

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Mr Beveridge's car is now in the garage and is being assessed for damage.

He added: "Nothing like that has ever happened before, not involving trees anyway.

"It hasn't put me off driving. You've just got to get on with it and get back behind the wheel and hope lightening doesn't strike again."