I STOOD peering through the window as the rain lashed the pavement outside. It was as horrible a Monday night as ever.

“What are you reading Toots?” I said as she flipped another page.

“Ah, I’m just dreaming Tec. Hotels, beaches, cocktails, food – wouldn’t you just love to run away?” The moll proclaimed as she spun the brochure around.

“Hmmm… Spain, France, Greece?” I asked.

“I was thinking more of Italy,” she replied.

“Okay Blondie grab your coat and let’s get outta here.”

As we ran out the door a puzzled look crossed her face. “But what about my suitcase…?”

“You’ll not need that where we’re going.”

As the Buick cruised through the Southside of Glasgow, her ladyship – as observant as ever – called out, “this isn’t the way to the airport”.

“It is not. But it is the way to the Battlefield Rest.”

As we walked through the door the gentleman showed us to a cosy little window seat.

Seconds later we were flicking through the menu.

For her starter, Toots went for the ‘bubbling pot gambizo’, which included king prawns, chorizo, rosemary, garlic and chilli served with mixed leaves and a homemade focaccia. The dish was served in the pot and while she thought it tasted okay, she was a little concerned about how quickly it was served.

I went for the crepes Piemontese. The filling of spinach, ricotta, roast peppers and sundried tomatoes went down a treat and these were complemented by a rich tomato sauce with an olive and tomato crostini.

For the main course I went for the calzone meatfeast. The folded pizza was baked to perfection with mozzarella and a tasty Napoli sauce. It was also packed with meatballs, Italian sausage, salami, Parma ham and roasted peppers. I enjoyed every bite.

Toots went for the traditional beef mince lasagne for her main. It was served with a tasty Napoli sauce, parmesan and béchamel.

She also ordered some garlic bread but was a little disappointed she was never offered another drink despite sitting for around 15 minutes with an empty glass.

Overall the food at the Battlefield Rest was good but this place was let down by the service on this occasion. Failure to notice an empty glass could have been easily remedied by simply coming over and asking how our main was. Unfortunately, that never happened.


FOOD  - ⭐⭐⭐





Bubbling Pot Gambizo - £6.90

Crepes Piemontese - £5.90


Traditional Lasagne - £9.50

Calzone Meatfeast - £11.90


Garlic Bread - £2


2 x Coke - £4

Total £40.20

Battlefield Rest, 5 Battlefield Road, Glasgow G42 9JL
Tel: 0141 636 6955