A QUESTION is being asked now which only a few weeks ago would not even had got an answer because it felt so ridiculous.

However, the sentence ‘can Rangers win the league this season’ doesn’t sound so daft even if Hearts are top of the league and we are not even a quarter way through the Premiership campaign.

Nobody asked that last season, the season before and even in the early days of this one because, let’s face it, everyone was playing for second at best.

Things have changed.

My answer to this burning question is….I don’t know. But, hey, I don’t know is a million miles from answering no chance.

What I would say is if Celtic continue to under-perform, and we get a title race for the first time in years, then Rangers are good enough to be involved.

That’s one hell of an improvement in just a few months.

Once again there is hope in the Ibrox stands to go along with the expectation which has always been there. The fans are starting to believe again, and believe their team is capable of winning the league for the first time since 2012.

It is, of course, just a bit premature to predict where Rangers will finish – even if it’s good fun – because there is so much which could still (and will) happen. We can only judge what has already happened and so far, so much better than any of us could have wished for.

Everyone can see for themselves the difference from the end of last season when Celtic were taking four then five goals off them. They are now are confident about winning every game.

Rangers had five different goalscorers on Sunday in the 5-1 win over St Johnstone. That is hugely encouraging for Steven Gerrard.

For too long, Rangers relied on two or three players to get goals. Nobody else was chipping in.

The sign of a good team is one which has goals right through it. Rangers seem to have that.

I have been hugely impressed by Scott Arfield. I played against him during his Falkirk days before he moved south and enjoyed a good time at Burnley. I felt in the summer he would be a good signing and now he’s fit has been terrific.

However, there is one man above all who can take credit for this and that’s the manager.

Gerrard, so far, has hardly put a foot wrong. Sure, they were disappointing at Celtic Park but he has turned a bad team into one which many fans believe is capable of winning the league.

Not only that, but they returned from Spain having taken a Europa League point of Villarreal, a team which finished fifth in La Liga last season.

Rangers scored two superb goals and could even have nicked it right at the end.

Whatever Gerrard has done, it has worked. So far.

He’s getting the very best out of players who last season looked as if they would be on their way out. Alfredo Morelos, James Tavernier and Andy Halliday perhaps most of all have resurrected their Rangers careers.

Gerrard is a smart and will know this team has a lot still to do. He knows there will be a dip in form and results.

However, he also knows football and footballers. He has his team playing exciting football and, most importantly at that club, winning football.

I am still cautious, although optimistic.

We need to have a bit of luck. A couple of injuries can hurt the best team and we will see how the impact of European football would have on a group not used to the travelling and number of games.

Although I’m not so sure that will be such a problem. When players are confident, winning and feeling great about themselves, it’s a lot easier to deal with anything that comes their way.

At Rangers, take this from me, you don’t get tired when you are doing well. Indeed, you want the games to come.

My advice is to ignore what is happening at Celtic and elsewhere. Just concentrate on what you are doing and doing well.

That applies to Sunday when Rangers go to Livingston.

I have watched the new boys and I honestly believe them to be the hardest working team in the league. Their midfield give their all in terms of commitment.

This is hard game for Rangers.

But they did come back from behind, twice, in Spain and any team which can do that has a chance of winning any game.

Yeah, even one on a not-so-great plastic pitch.

Rangers fans are excited again. The players will feed off that and I just hope they continue playing with freedom and a smile on their faces.

They are on a crest of as wave. Let’s hope they ride it for a bit longer.