A MARYHILL mum sent vile messages to an epileptic sufferer on Facebook.

Despite her own son having autism, Alexis Sharp, 30, branded her victim a "m***o", "window licker" and wrote: "She needs to take a fit and die already."

The accused sent a number of abusive messages during an online argument.

In one exchange, Sharp stated: "Get the strobe lights out, troops. This b**t's copping it."

Alarmed by the abuse, the complainer reported the messages to police.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court last week, Sharp pleaded guilty to making grossly offensive remarks about a woman's disability.

Sheriff Lindsay Wood asked the defence agent: "Enlighten me please, what's behind this?"

Sharp's lawyer explained that the complainer had been in a relationship with the accused's cousin but there had been a falling out. Sharp then got herself involved and sent the offensive messages over the course of one day in June this year.

The lawyer accepted Sharp had a criminal record.

Sheriff Wood noted: "She's no angel."

It was claimed that the mum-of-two – who's son has autism – was embarrassed over her actions and had shown remorse.

Her lawyer stated: "She's someone who's capable of staying out of trouble."

Sharp told Sheriff Wood it was "stupidity", adding: "It was an argument that went back and forth."

Sheriff Wood replied: "Facebook. The very worst of Facebook."

Sharp, of Glenfinnan Road, was sentenced to a Community Payback Order with supervision for 12 months and 120 hours of unpaid work to be completed within four months.