A GLASGOW doorman who helped a woman in distress has donated compensation cash to a mental health charity.

Archie Thomson, who works at The Merchant in the city centre, received £225 after intervening in a domestic situation.

Archie, who has worked at the pub for four years, instantly donated the funds to The Merchant’s charity of choice, the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH).

He said: "I believe most people would have stepped in to help in the situation and I felt the compensation was unnecessary.

"Being part of The Merchant team and seeing all the fundraising that has gone on all year has been great fun and I wanted to do my part by turning a negative situation into a positive outcome."

Steven Samson, general manager at the pub, added: "Archie is genuinely one of the nice guys.

"He loves spending time talking to the customers and always remembers a face. Regulars come back every week just to see Archie, and secure in the knowledge they will have a great night and be safe with him on the door.”