A GLASGOW sci-fi rave night, inspired by H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds, is set to take over a popular arts space this weekend.

Artist Lee Robertson was so influenced by the Jeff Wayne musical version of the story as a child, that she has now painted Glasgow landmarks which will work alongside original, electronic dance music for a one-off party at SWG3.

Speaking to the Evening Times, the 42-year-old, from Anderston, described how she came up with the idea for the unique project.

She said: “When I was a kid, my dad used play the War of the Worlds album and it always scared me. It stuck in my head. I always thought the Glasgow water towers looked like the UFOs. I just wanted to to a Glasgow version of that using things you see on the landscape that get your imagination going when you’re a kid. They still stick with you.”

The Glasgow School of Art graduate got in touch with SWG3 about putting the exhibition, called Spaces Between Spaces, on. “They were totally up for it,” said Lee.

“It’s a collaboration with music. There’ll be a DJ with lots of dancing. It’ll be a mini rave - I’m hoping to bring the 90s back,” she added.

Lee will be working with 44-year-old Dorset musician Darren Wilson on the night.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever done a collaboration,” she said. “I’ve done regular painting exhibitions before. There’s a musical track for each work of art, so every painting will be soundtracked, almost like a still film. It’s been really good doing something different. It’s made me open up and get looser with what I’m doing.”

Lee has also been taken aback with the positive reception in the run up to the night: “People have responded really positively to the event. They’re saying I’ve gone in a different direction. People who haven’t said anything before have spoken up and said they like where I’m going with it.”

She continued: “It’s hard to say to people that it’s not just a painting exhibition, that it is something different. People expect just paintings from you when you’re a painter. It’s something people won’t be expecting.”

Emphasising what she wants people to take away from the night, Lee said: “I just want people to come, relax and dance. I thinking painting can sometimes be a bit stifling and inhibiting. It’s loose and anyone can come. That’s why I wanted this collaboration with dance music. The crossover will introduce people to new things.”

It is anticipated that a gallery based exhibition of the paintings will follow in the near future. Visit leerobertson.co.uk for more details.

Spaces Between Spaces, a 90s sci-fi rave by Lee Robertson and Darren Wilson, will take place on Saturday, October 20 at The Poetry Club, SWG3, from 8pm to 3am.