There was traffic chaos in Glasgow this weekend as filming for a new Hollywood blockbuster continues.

Stars including Idris Elba were present on the city’s streets throughout the weekend as car and motorcycle stunts were carried out.

The project is part of filming for the newest film in the Fast and Furious movie series, Hobbs and Shaw.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Jason Statham are set to star alongside The Wire actor.

More than 20 streets in Glasgow city centre were affected with road closures on Sunday, with pedestrians, drivers and public transport all hit.

Renfield Street, Hope Street, West Nile Street and much of the area surrounding George Square were completely closed off until last night.

The streets of Glasgow are being used as London for the film with a red Routemaster bus with Paddington as its destination used in some of the scenes shot earlier this week.

However, after Sunday’s filming the road closures should now be over.

Last week Elba was seen lying in a pool of broken glass and throwing a bike helmet to the ground as part of the shoot.

A crew of around 200 are in the city for the shoot, which the city council said will bring a boost to the local economy, and crowds of sightesers turned out for a look at the action.

Scenes for World War Z and Fast & Furious 6 were filmed in recent years in similar locations around Glasgow city centre.