FEARS have been raised for another of Glasgow's historic glasshouses.

Locals have demanded Glasgow City Council sets out its plans for Queen's Park glasshouse, on the South Side.

They say it is becoming increasingly shabby with fencing closing off the main entrance to the structure.

Agnes Kinsella said: "My husband and I have been going up to the glasshouse for the past six years as we walk our dog there and take the grandchildren.

"It used to be a nice area and was always full of mums and dads with their children as it was a great place to go.

"Around two years ago the cafe shut due to some problem with the flooring and the cost of repairs.

"Then the glass dome at the main entrance to the building was deemed unsafe and it was fenced off.

"Now glass panes have fallen down due to recent bad weather.

"What is going to become of it?

"It would be dreadful to lose such a historic building that has stood for more than 100 years."

It is not the first time residents have expressed concern about the Victorian structure.

Last year locals spoke to the Evening Times about concerns regarding leaks in the glasshouse.

Local councillor Soryia Siddique said: "There is increasing concern regarding the disrepair of Queen's Park Glasshouse.

"Constituents have been enquiring regarding its maintenance and long term repair plan since last year and they feel that progress is not being made.

"I have written to Land and Environmental Services at the city council.

"There is concern a lack of funding and strategy will result in the long term decline of the Glasshouse."

It comes as the famous Winter Gardens on Glasgow Green is due to shut indefinitely as it needs an estimated £7 million of repairs.

The news caused consternation across the city but council bosses said the intricate glasshouse structures - including those at Tollcross, Springburn and Kibble Palace - need constant attention.

A Glasgow City Council spokesman said: "It’s widely acknowledged that historic glasshouses are fragile structures that are increasingly expensive to maintain and Queen’s Park Glasshouse is no exception

“We have undertaken works that will ensure as much of the building is open to the public as possible.

“We have developed additional plans that may open up additional areas to the public."

The spokesman said the listed status of the building, it is B-listed, makes repairs complicated.

He added: “However, the complex rules around works to historic buildings have meant we are currently unable to take those plans forward.

“In the longer term, we are we are working on a heritage strategy that will provide us with a better understanding of our assets and a plan to manage the maintenance of those assets in a better, more sustainable way.

“Queen’s Park Glasshouse will very much be included within the work on a longer term heritage strategy.”