I HAD heard a rumour they served the best brunch this side of the Clyde... but the Tec wasn’t taking anyone else’s word as gospel. No sir.

It was reason enough to break outta the dinertec mould and put my detective powers to use for the main meal of the day.

There’s wasn’t a moment to lose, I threw the Moll’s leopard faux fur over her shoulders, jostled her into the Buick and we headed West to Papercup, just a stone's throw from the Botanic Gardens. I figured we could take a stroll after brunch if there were calories to be burned off.

Folks were queued right out the door when we arrived. A good sign, I reflected, I but I could see the Moll smarting, she was ravenous and cranky.

“This better be the food of the Gods,” she snarled as we took our place at the back of the line.

While we waited, the friendly staff kept us up to date with how long it would take before a table was free and before too long we were seated on cosy cushioned seats. Toots’ chatter was drowned out by the the hiss of the coffee machine.

It was chock full of students and trendy West End Wendies but they barely noticed us as we checked out the goods on the menu.

The cosy little joint specialises in artisan, roasted coffee and freshly cooked food catering for carnivores an vegans alike, using ethical, organic and seasonal fruit, veg and meats.

Everything is cooked fresh to order so we were braced for a wait – but would it live up to the hype?

We had worked up a appetite by then. The Moll was chewing her talons

The menu was full of interesting food combinations I’d never encountered in all my years of detective work sniffing out the best Glasgow diners.

I was keen to find out how the vegan folks rolled so I ordered up the tofu and spinach scramble with the cafe’s speciality tomato relish on sourdough toast and added some halloumi in for good measure. With a scoosh of spicy, Sriracha sauce, I was in breakfast heaven. It was washed down with an almond latte.

The dish can also be ordered with organic smoked bacon for the meat lovers out there.

The Moll plumped for the smoked salmon bagel, which was accompanied by scrambled egg, pickled zucchini, rocket, avocado and dill and declared it the cat’s pyjamas.

We were filled to the brim but satisfied our sweet cravings with french toast topped with raspberries, mango, caramelised banana, mascarpone and maple syrup and it was mouth-wateringly delicious.

Our plates cleaned, we settled the cheque and vowed to return to try something else. Believe the hype folks, Papercup is perfect.



Tofu and spinach scramble with halloumi cheese on toast - £5

Smoked salmon bagel - £8

Vegan pancake - £6.50


2 Almond lattes - £5.40

Total - £24.90


Food - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Atmosphere - ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Service - ⭐⭐⭐⭐