I was privileged last week to be a guest of the Perth Celtic Supoprters Association who made me feel particularly welcome – and that is Perth, Australia not Perth just up the road.

I have played for big clubs in my career who have a big following. Arsenal and West Ham are known all over the world but there is something different about Celtic.

I know people and former players say it all the time to the point that it sounds corny but once you are a part of the club you are married to it forever.

There is a real warmth about the support and it never ceases to amazed me that no matter what corner of the world you go to that you’ll bump into a guy wearing the hoops or walk into a Celtic bar.

It’s extraordinary and it feels like a privilege to have been part of the club.

These guys get up at all hours to go and watch games and cheer on Celtic and it is something that when you are playing you might not give too much thought to. But having seen the dedication you really appreciate what they bring to the club and makes me really proud of the fact that I was able to play and enjoy some success with Celtic.