O’ppane (selection of

breads and oils) £4.55

‘A Zupp e Cozzeche

(mussels) £7.15

O’Crocche’ (croquettes) £6.75


Ravioli Caprese £10.95

E purpett ra’ Nonna

(meatballs) £12.95


Moretti Zero x 4 £14

Total £56.35

IT was the weekend after bonfire night and the Moll seemed desperate to spark this old gumshoe into life.

“What’s the matter Tec? You’ve been moping around all week.

Why don’t you get outta your mood?”, she said.

“Mood?”, I replied. “I’ll give you mood”, I thought.

“Yeah”, said Goldilocks, “cheer up and take me to dinner. I’m starving!”

“Dinner?” I thought, “that might not be such a bad idea. I know just the place”.

We shot out into the Buick and headed for Dimora, in Newton Mearns. This place has been building a great reputation, so I was expecting fireworks. And that’s exactly what we got.

We stepped through the door and were immediately greeted by a polite Italian waiter who took our coats and showed us to our table.

The place was busy, which is always a good sign, and we were offered a drink as we took a look at the menu. It was a good start but what was to come was even more impressive.

We ordered a selection of breads, oils and balsamic vinegar to share as we awaited our starters. The breads were perfectly baked and went beautifully with the oil and vinegar.

For her starter Dollface went for ‘A zupp e cozzecche’ – mussels to you and I. These were bursting with flavour and the portion size was perfect.

I went for a dish called ‘O’crocche’, which was ham, cheese and potato croquettes served with olives, tomatoes and a spicy sauce. The food was set on a bed of salad leaves and each component on the course complemented the others fantastically. Delicious is an understatement.

The Moll went for ‘e purpett ra’ Nonna’ – a homemade meatball served with mashed potato and Neapolitan peas in a rich tomato sauce. The meatball was perfectly cooked, while the mash was fluffy, buttery and soaked up the sauce nicely. It was yet another hit for the chef.

I was in the mood for a pasta dish and it was the ‘ravioli Caprese’ that caught my eye. The ravioli was stuffed with ricotta cheese and served on a bed of rocket leaves with a tasty tomato sauce and some parmesan to top it off. The ravioli was cooked to perfection and every bite was a delight.

Our first experience of Dimora was a spectacular success. Top marks for a wonderful atmosphere, great service and outstanding food.