Sick of having a toaster that will burn your bread no matter what setting its on? Or has the hoover seen better days? Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to update some of those essential appliances at home and nab a deal from some of the top names on the high street.

We’ve trawled high and low across the web and found some cracking deals on home appliances. If you want a real bargain this Black Friday, take a look at some of these discounts.

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Glasgow Times: Choosing appliances can be toughChoosing appliances can be tough

The Big Hitters this Black Friday

Wondering what kind of appliances you should be on the lookout for this Black Friday? White goods always go under the radar but tend to have the biggest discounts if you’re in the market for a new fridge or washing machine. We found an LG American style fridge freezer at Currys* with £400 marked off the price**.

A lot of the ads on TV this week are advertising cordless hoovers as the must-have appliance for everyone. Both Argos and Currys are expected to have deals on the Dyson V10 but keep an eye out for the likes of eBay and Dyson themselves, who will sell you refurbished models that are good as new and much cheaper.

For any avid home chefs or Gordon Ramsay wannabes, you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t look at how much you could nab off a new cooker too. If you’ve always wanted a big range cooker or want to swap the old gas model for a sleek new electric version with a ceramic top, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled on Appliances Direct and

Where should I shop for appliances this Black Friday?

There will be stiff competitor for your money this Friday, and some of the shops we expect to pull out the best deals include:

  • Appliances Direct* — We’ve already seen money off dehumidifiers, dishwashers and professional grade blenders. One IQMix-Pro blender we saw had £135** off its RRP ahead of the sale.
  • Currys* — Everyone will be having at least a little look around Currys on Black Friday. Appliances they’ll have discounts on include Samsung fridges, Hotpoint FML washing machine (we saw some with £111 off) and tumble dryers with £30 off.
  • AO* —AO are being very tempting right now. Instead of a countdown clock to Black Friday, they’re adding a running tally of how many products they’re including in their sale (7500 last we checked). They have some quirkier appliances on sale if you’re feeling frivolous, with DeLongi coffee machines and Hive digital thermostats with at least 30% off**.
  • Dyson* — Sometimes its cheaper to go straight to the source when you really need a new vacuum. As we said before, try your luck with their refurbished models that come directly from the factory (they have to pass the same standards as new products before going out the door).
  • Ebuyer*—A store that flies under the radar for many people, Ebuyer are usually a good place to go if you’re after a laptop, but they do have great discounts on kitchen appliance and will even show you what the likes of Currys are selling the same product for, so you know you’re getting a better deal.
  • Argos* – Argos are also one of the shops heavily promoting the cordless Dyson this year, but keep an eye out for half-price irons, one of the most overlooked products every year.

How do I choose which appliance to buy on Black Friday?

Glasgow Times: Photo by rawpixel on UnsplashPhoto by rawpixel on Unsplash

Look for a reliable brand:

No matter how good a deal you get in the sales, if the make or model you pick up has a history of needing frequent repairs you will soon find yourself out of pocket. Do your research before taking the plunge and be sure to read the reviews. Just take a product name and paste it in to Google to see what people with the product have to say.

Get your sizes right:

There is very little give on a fridge freezer. Make sure you have accurate measurements on hand when searching for the perfect new appliance, so it will fit perfectly when it arrives. Double check that little things like skirting board running behind a unit in your kitchen won’t affect the depth of a product you want to put in there.

Prioritise features:
Do you really need a six burner hob industrial grade cooker when you’re living in a tiny bungalow? And can you really fit a mini fridge in your bedroom when there’s barely any room for your wardrobe? Don’t get sucked in to deals simply because the price is unbeatable. Prioritise the features you’re looking for with any home appliance and weigh up if it makes sense to get and use.

Check delivery options:
If you’ve spotted, for example, the tumble dryer you wanted on offer and its cheaper on one site than all the others, do a double check that you’ll get at least free delivery on it. You don’t want to get swindled thinking you’ve bagged an amazing deal, only to realise that the charges for delivery (and possibly even unpacking or installation) all add up. Stores we know that are clear and upfront about qualifying for free delivery include Ebuyer and Currys.

Any other tips for buying appliances on Black Friday?

  • Make sure you avoid seasonal items just because of the time of year. For example, do you really want a slow cooker because you’re going to become a stew king, or just because it’s cold out.
  • We expect the likes of juicers and blenders to be cheaper in the Boxing Day sales when everyone goes health mad.
  • Any luxury items you’re thinking of getting like coffee machines hold off on too. If someone gets you a gift card for Christmas from a department store, you can make it even cheaper for yourself.

If you’re keen to get shopping now and want to see what Black Friday deals for appliances are already popping up online, you can check out the latest deals right here.

**offers correct as of 21/11/18