A PRIVATE hire driver who lost his temper with a nervous learner at a red light has had his licence suspended.

Abdul Khaliq was travelling along Cook Street at 10.15am on July, 3 when he approached the 18-year-old learner who was stopped at the light.

When the light turned green Khaliq beeped his horn at the car because it wasn’t moving fast enough, causing the driver to repeatedly stall.

They managed to turn left onto West Street before reaching another set of traffic lights when the same thing happened.

Eventually the driver overtook the learner shaking his fist as he went past.

He later claimed he didn’t realise the other driver was a novice.

The driving instructor made a complaint to Glasgow City Council’s enforcement officers which was read out at the licensing committee yesterday morning.

He said: “I was giving a lesson to an 18-year-old who is nervous behind the wheel.

“We had stopped at a red traffic light and a network private hire car pulled up behind us.

“The lights changed and the driver in the car behind beeped the horn. This made the boy stall the car again and again.

“All this time the horn was beeping, the driver could have overtaken us as there was no-one else around.

“The boy was a nervous wreck. We managed to drive on and the car followed. We stopped at the next set of traffic lights and the horn sounded again when they changed to green.

“We managed to drive on again and the network hire car overtook us shaking his fist.

“The L plates on the car are clearly displayed.”

At an interview with enforcement officers Mr Khaliq claimed he did not realise the car in front was a learner despite L plates on the roof.

Khaliq was brought before the licensing committee on Wednesday to explain his actions.

He said: “I do recall this incident. The lights went green and the car in front did not move. I thought they would have turned left.

“I then overtook them. On realising this was a learner driver I beeped my horn and waved as a way of an apology.

“I would never beep at a learner and I can only apologise. I thought he was going onto the motorway.”

Councillor Alex Wilson said: “You beeped your horn at a learner driver more than once. He was not positioned to go onto the motorway. We all have to be patient with learner drivers but you weren’t.”

Councillor Rhiannon Spear added: “I am concerned you are not aware of your surroundings and are not a safe driver.

“If you have passengers in you car this could be seen as an aggressive nature.”

Khaliq’s private hire car driving licence has been suspended for two weeks.