Verdict: Five stars

IF the late Whitney Houston still had a voice on earth, it could almost belong to Alexandra Burke.

Referring to the singer as a former X Factor star feels a little bit outdated as she has proven herself time and time again on the musical theatre stage.

She is credible and the producers of The Bodyguard must have the same faith in her authenticity given that they have called on her a second time for this latest production of the show.

Stepping back into the role of Rachel Marron, Burke proved that with time she has only got better.

She last played the character in a production which ran at The King's Theatre in 2015 and now she has been called in to wow festive audiences during the show's run at the Theatre Royal until December 29.

The show is based on the hit 1992 movie starring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston, and the love story is the main driver of the plot which differs from the original film.

The soundtrack of the movie which includes Whitney Houston classics Run to You, I Have Nothing and Queen of the Night is bolstered with the rest of her greatest hits collection.

Hunky Benoit Marechal takes on the role of Frank Farmer who is called upon by the team of superstar Rachel Marron after they receive threatening letters from a stalker.

He is propelled into Rachel's celebrity lifestyle where he finds himself falling in love with her sassy and fierce personality.

Marechal will no doubt please the female audience, but his chemistry with Burke was the real highlight of the show as the pair worked through the dynamics of their relationship.

Burke return to the role she was born to play was given a fresh perspective. For she brings the once 90s popstar into the millennial age with choreography and references to suggest the story is set in the present day.

But the real star of the show is her voice. Hearing those Whitney hits sung the way they should be is a pleasure. Burke is raspy at points, powerful and add her own stylings to the Whitney music book.

Her performance of I Will Always Love You is a moment to remember and the audience were simply blown away.

No one can ever live up to what Whitney Houston did but if there has to be a guardian to her legacy, it is in good hands with Alexandra Burke.