Brendan Rodgers has explained that an incident with Leigh Griffiths brought the striker’s illness to a head when a number of senior players intervened in order to try and facilitate some help for the Scotland internationalist.

Griffiths has been granted an indefinite time away from the club as he seeks to address a series of multi-layered mental health problems with Rodgers admitting that things had reached a climax with the player and the club.

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“A couple of the senior players rang me when I got to know about an incident that happened,” said Rodgers. “I was then able to act from there.

“Yes, there was [an incident which brought things to a head], which points towards really needing help and support in order to make himself happy. He wants the help. When you have these incidents - and it’s been ongoing over a considerable period of time - there comes a point when you recommend that this is what we do. But we will get an assessment of where he is at professionally then put a plan in place for him.”

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It has been no secret that Griffiths’ has repeatedly tested Rodgers’ patience on a number of fronts.

The Celtic manager demands players train as they play with high intensity sessions the hallmark of his regime. Rodgers expects players to lead a certain lifestyle, a lifestyle it has often felt that Griffiths fell short of.

The striker has been plagued with a number of niggling injuries over the last two seasons, problems which Rodgers’ seemed to intimate at times came through not doing things properly off the park.

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The Celtic manager, too, seems at odds at times with the sense of devilment that Griffiths has about him at times. While Rodgers is painstaking to lend an impression of respect and quiet tolerance at all times, Griffiths has repeatedly landed in hot water with some of his behaviour.

Indeed, comments that emerged this week about celebrating with some gusto at Ibrox should Celtic be successful in winning against Rangers later this month would have been well lapped up by the Parkhead support but would not have been quite so well received in the manager’s office.

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And yet, the relationship between the two seems almost paternal.

“Sometimes you have to be harsh to be kind so he has had the full spectrum from me,” said Rodgers. “But he knows deep down what I think of him.

“He’s great guy. He is what he is. I love that about him. He’s a little rogue, he’s cunning, if there’s a different or short way to do it, he’ll do it.

“But I like that in players at times. Lots of supporters will relate to him.

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“He’s a big talent, who has unfortunately suffered over a period of time. We’re hoping we can help him here and get him back to doing what he does best, which is enjoying his life and being a father to his kids, and showing his talent on the football field.

“If you’re talking about sheer talent then that’s what Leigh has and he’s a good guy as well.

“There will be players who don’t have his nature and have issues.

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“But I have a lot of time for him and he’s a great boy and we have spoken in confidence many times about a number of aspects of his life.”

Having made public his decision to look for professional help, Rodgers believes that there will be an element of relief for Griffiths as he now looks to get his life back in track.

“It normally is - for guys who have issues and you ask them what their best day was and it’s when it all comes out,” said Rodgers.

“I remember talking to a player who had huge gambling issues and when I quizzed him on what was the best feeling he said was when his wife caught him because that finished it and he could start to make himself better.

“Until that point he was living a lie.

“Sometimes that can be your life. Now once it out there hopefully it can draw a line under the issues for Leigh and the club, players, fans can all support him and give him time to become better.”

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The problems around Griffiths are nothing new for Rodgers. The rumours around the player have circulated for years now but it says something that the club chose to offer the player a new four-year contract a few months back while being fully aware that he was struggling with certain issues.

“It would have been very easy to say ‘oh, you’re a pain in the backside, just move on,’ but you know he is a good guy who just needs help,” said Rodgers. “He is a football talent and I have always said at big clubs where there is competition you need three strikers.

“I always thought he would be one of those hence the reason why he got a new deal. Also, we know that we have to help him and he knows he has to help himself.

“Ultimately, the responsibility will always go back to you. You have to want to do it. It has to. It is no good everyone else wanting it for you. You have to want to do it.”