TWO cab passengers looked on in horror when their driver left their vehicle and punched a cyclist drifting into the middle of the road.

The pair, who were visiting from England, saw the incident occurred in March this year when Robert Cunningham overtook two cyclists causing them to take evasive action.

He then got out of his cab and punched the male cyclist in the face.

Mr Cunningham claimed he was defending himself and was brought before the panel to explain his actions on Wednesday morning.

He said: “That is just lies. I have already paid £150 in damages. I had parked outside Central Station and picked up two visitors from England and was taking them to their hotel.

“Two cyclists came up behind me and stopped at the red traffic lights. I was going to let them go ahead when the lights changed but the girl pulled to the left and the man stayed in the middle of the road.

“I signalled to him to move into the side so I could pass him. The man then kicked my cab. I questioned him before he threatened me.

“He came towards me and I put my hands out to defend myself. I have been driving private hire cars and taxis for at least 22 years.”

Councillor Gary Gray said: “When you got out of your car to confront the cyclist you could have been seen to be aggressive.

“What have you learned from this experience?”

Mr Cunningham responded: “I will not get involved in future. I don’t want this to happen again. Nobody has every kicked my cab before.”

Councillor John Kane said: “Our taxi drivers are ambassadors. You are telling us that two visitors from England are away back home, telling their family and friends of this experience.”

Members issued Mr Cunningham with a warning.