Former manager of Celtic Boys Club, Frank Cairney has been found guilty of sexually abusing eight teenagers.

Jurors took just two hours on Friday to return the verdict against the 83-year-old, after a trial at Hamilton Sheriff Court.

Cairney was found guilty of nine charges of molesting young boys at football clubs he ran between 1965 and 1986.

A survivor abused by paedophile Frank Cairney gave his reaction to his conviction and Celtic Football Club’s continued evasion of its responsibilities.

The survivor who was abused by Cairney in the early 1970’s has a civil case against Celtic FC with Thompsons Solicitors. He wishes to remain anonymous.

He commented: “Finally justice has caught up with Frank Cairney who as everyone now knows is an evil peodophile. He used his high standing at Celtic FC though his work with the boys clubs to gain access to innocent young boys like myself and abuse them in the most horrible way.

"Some of this abuse was carried out within the Celtic Park dressing room as well as in his car. I’m glad Cairney will now pay for his crimes and this brings a small amount of closure to myself and other victims. 

“What me and the other victims of abuse at Celtic now want to see is the senior club take responsibility for the action of these abusers who operated with complete freedom within Celtic Park.

"The stance Celtic have taken saying they do not have any legal responsibility is revolting and insulting. Celtic FC called the shots with the boys club. Its time the club acted with some basic decency over our legal claims”

The gentleman’s lawyer, Laura Connor a partner with Thompsons Solicitors said: “This is another conviction of an abuser from Celtic Boys Club who was very closely connected with Celtic Football Club. As our client has made very clear the links between the two institutions could not have been more clear.

"The children trained at Celtic park with former Celtic players and wore Celtic strips. Most damming, some of the abuse was carried out in the Celtic dressing room at the stadium. The club are liable for this abuse and must compensate the survivors as quickly as possible. If they continue to ignore the victims we will see them in court.”