Staff at a late night Glasgow venue have convinced bosses to provide workers with safe transport home after their shifts in a taxi partnership.

SWG3 has linked up with Network Cabs to give staff an allowance of up to £10 for shifts finishing after 11pm.

Workers will now be able to get taxis with the help of an allowance of £5 to £10 per vehicle, following the model of a successful campaign.

The initiative comes after discussions with workers and Better than Zero who put forward examples of how difficult and expensive it can be for workers to get home safely, with many having no option but to walk.

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The Safe Home campaign was launched in June this year by Better than Zero and demands employers take responsibility for late night workers getting home after their shift ends.

A survey found numerous accounts of late night workers being attacked, assaulted and abused after finishing their shift.

Claire Peden, Safe Home co-ordinator said: "It is important to take workers’ safety seriously and I applaud the workers for speaking out and SWG3 for extending the venues’ duty of care to staff.

"It just shows when workers come together and join a union anything is possible.”

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