The CITY Centre streets were dark and wet and they full of people bouncing around from pub to pub as the Christmas party season was in full swing.

Where to go for a nice, quiet meal on a night like this?

My head was hurting as I struggled to think of somewhere that wouldn’t be filled with large groups who had been drinking since noon.

Then the Moll remembered a place she had heard of, a little off the beaten track that came recommended.

So, we took the Buick, passing the office party crowds in the town centre and on Byres Road, out to Café Source Too in Hughenden.

Tucked away in the Hillhead Sports Club down a lane in Hyndland.

It’s a smart modern clubhouse style building, with a bar up stairs and a function hall.

Downstairs is the restaurant with tables out in the conservatory. It was surprisingly quiet for the time of year but that suited just fine.

We took the a-la-carte menu and there was a good selection to choose from.

The lentil broth was “simple, honest home-made soup” said the Moll. “Nothing more, nothing less” before adding “There’s nothing wrong with that”. And she’s not wrong. She seldom is.

The goats cheese on the other hand was a little more special, a top dish, lightly whipped to give it a creamy texture. I’d go back for more of that. It was the stand out dish of the meal for this diner.

Toots’ main course was a more of a let down, however.

She was looking forward to the vegetarian haggis with mashed potato onion jus and peppercorn sauce.

Sadly, the two slices of haggis were on the dry side and there was no peppercorn sauce and it came with a double helping of mashed potato, served as two stacks. It could have been improved had one been swapped for some neeps. Had she not added a side of veg as an extra it would have been lacking colour and vitamins.

The shin of beef was very good and, with one portion of potato, more than enough.

For dessert, we chose the roasted pears dish, although we could have had anything on the menu.

It turned out to be poached pears, but that was okay - they were delicious with the cream and the candied nuts.

The service was good, the menu was good and some of the dishes were very good.

But we left with the feeling it could have been a little bit better.

And on another night, I’d be willing to bet it probably would be.



Lentil soup - £5

Goats cheese - £6


Shin of beef - £16

Veg haggis main - £11

Roast veg side - £3


Roast pears - £6


Merlot £4.75 x 4

Total bill - £66


Food - ⭐⭐⭐

Atmosphere - ⭐⭐⭐

Service - ⭐⭐⭐