Everyone loves snuggling down with family and friends to watch a film at Christmas time and this year there are some absolute belters on television.

Starting from today, a medley of movies will be shown across a variety of channels including some childhood favourites and amazing new blockbusters.

Sunday, December 23


This heart-warming, tear-inducing cartoon follows the tale of Carl who attempts to make the epic journey to South America by tying thousands of balloons to his chimney. As he takes off, however he realises he has a little stowaway - Russel.

The pair's journey is full of laughs, heartache and friendship - a must see for all the family when it airs on BBC1 at 3.25pm.

Glasgow Times:

Monday, December 24 - Christmas Eve

Mary Poppins

Just as Mary Poppins floats back into cinemas with a clever remake this month, BBC1 are taking viewers back to where it all began in this Disney classic starring Julie Andrews.

The flying nanny who sweeps in to save the naughty Banks children will be appearing on screens at 5pm on Christmas Eve.

Peter Rabbit

The animated adaptation of Beatrix Potter's classic children's book features James Corden as the mischievous bunny who ends up at war with his grumpy new neighbour over the crunchy and delicious veg in his garden.

Catch all the amusing action when this flick airs at 6.15pm on Sky Cinema Premiere.

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Another bunny-based movie will also be making an appearance on screens this Christmas Eve with the tale of Judy Hopps, an ambitious rabbit from Bunnyburrow who becomes police officer in metropolis, Zootopia.

Tune in to see her trying to get to the bottom of some mysterious incidents on BBC1 at 2.55pm.

The Lego Movie

Everyone's favourite superheroes and famous faces feature in this hilarious animated adventure which sees minifigure Emmet mistaken for an extraordinary saviour who must battle to prove his worth.

Catch this family favourite on ITV2 at 7.05pm.


Do you hear what I hear?

A Christmas classic with a hilariously creepy twist. When a teenage boy is given an adorable pet for Christmas things quickly turn to chaos when he disobeys the only rules that come with his new furry friend.

Catch the chaos on ITV at 9.30pm.

Glasgow Times:

Tuesday, December 25 - Christmas Day

The Greatest Showman

Ladies and gents this is the moment you've waited for....

Finally the musical masterpiece which has everyone singing their hearts out for months is coming to TV screens across the country. 

Inspired by the real-life story of P.T Barnum and his circus of 'freaks' this star-studded, toe-tapping epic is everything you'll ever want. Make sure you don't miss it on Sky One at 6.45pm on Christmas Day.

Glasgow Times: Half Term Film: The Greatest Showman Singalong

Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit

The dynamic duo are back on screens this Christmas with their feature-length debut.

The beloved heroes will be hunting down a vegetable-stalking monster which is tearing up gardens on BBC1 at 11am.

Mr Popper's Penguins

Jim Carrey stars in this hilarious tale of a businessman who inherits six naughty penguins. 

Tune in to E4 at 1.05pm on Christmas Day to catch the penguins turn his once-predictable life upside down.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

An eccentric inventor and his new love must brave peril in order to save his two young children in this family favourite.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang will be on Channel 5 at 3.10pm

The Muppet Christmas Carol

A Muppet retelling of the acclaimed Charles Dickens tale about a miserly money-lender who’s visited by three supernatural beings will be on screens at 4pm on Channel 4.

Glasgow Times:

The Good Dinosaur

This adorable tale will bring a tear to even the biggest Scrooge's eye. 

Arlo is a young dinosaur who becomes separated from his parents and siblings following a freak rainstorm. His unexpected saviour is Spot, a Neanderthal boy who helps Arlo find his way home.

Catch this heart-warming story of friendship on BBC1 at 1.30pm.

The Princess and the Frog

Filled with musical masterpieces, this Disney delight tells the story of a waitress from New Orleans who kisses a frog claiming to be a prince only to find that she too turns into a frog, and must find a way to turn back into a human…

Catch this on BBC1 at 10.30am.

Glasgow Times:

Wednesday, December 26 - Boxing Day


Anna Kendrick stars as Poppy, the leader — and happiest — of the Trolls must team up with the most miserable in order to save her family after they’re kidnapped by dreaded Bergens.

This joy-spreading cartoon will be shown on Boxing Day at 3.50pm on BBC1.

Saving Mr Banks

Tom Hanks plays Walt Disney, who’s attempting to honour a 20-year-old promise made to his daughters, and adapt PL Travers’ Mary Poppins into a movie musical.

The grumpy Ms Travers has always remained fiercely opposed to the idea, but as her books stop selling, she’s forced to reconsider.

Catch this on BBC2 at 2.30pm.


This magnificent adaptation of Roald Dahl's tall tale sees ten-year-old orphan Sophie who desperately lonely befirend a Big Friendly Giant (BFG for short), who’s actually on the short side for a giant.

See Sophie and her new pal battle nine man-eating giants on BBC1 at 5.40pm.

Glasgow Times:

Mrs Doubtfire

A down-and-out divorced father of three dresses up as a woman in order to masquerade as his ex-wife’s housekeeper and spend some more time with his children.​

The hilarious classic featuring the late Robin Williams will be on screens at 5.45pm on Channel 4.

Thursday, December 27

The Pirates! In An Adventure with Scientists​

Hugh Grant is Pirate Captain, an enthusiastic but largely unsuccessful terror of the High Seas.

Tune in to BBC1 at 9.25am to see him and his motley crew, plans to pull off a spectacular treasure hunt and enter the Pirate Of The Year Award.

Friday, December 28

Wreck-It Ralph​

Lovable rogue, Ralph is an arcade game villain dreams of being more than just a ‘bad guy’, and decides to abandon his game and be a hero with the help of a mischievous misfit.

Catch this animated flick on BBC1 at 4.10pm.

Glasgow Times:

Saturday, December 29

Chicken Run​

This stop motion animation follows plucky chicken Ginger who enlists a showy American rooster to help save her and her band of chickens from being turned into pies.

Tune in to BBC1 at 1.15pm to catch this.


Starring Paul Rudd, this Marvel movie sees a master theif just released from prison armed with a suit that allows him to shrink in size, possess superhuman strength and control an army of ants.

Catch this superhero film for all the family on BBC1 at 7.50pm.

Sunday, December 30


This live-action remake of the Disney classic follows a young woman who has been force to act as a servant for her odious stepmother ever since her beloved father died.

Tune in to BBC1 at 2.25pm to see what happens when she meets a handsome stranger out riding in the woods.

Glasgow Times:


A young Peruvian bear and marmalade-enthusiast travels to London in search of a new life — and is taken in by the Brown family.

Watch as trouble brews when a museum taxidermist spots the unusual species on Channel 4 at 5.40pm.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

The first journey back to the sci-fi world that we all came to love, since it was taken over by Disney. 

Watch the merging of old and new eras on ITV at 8pm.

Glasgow Times:

Monday, December 31 - Hogmanay

Big Hero 6

Another Disney adventure that’ll have you laughing, crying and everything in between.

Tune in to BBC1 at 2.40pm to meet the cuddliest of characters: the inflatable robot Baymax.

Home Alone

Everyone's favourite cheeky eight-year-old, Kevin McAllister finds himself home alone at Christmas time but is forced to defend his home when robbers choose it as their next target.

Laughs will be had by all when you tune into Film 4 at 4.50pm.

Absolutely Fabulous: the Movie

The latest comedy to get the big-screen treatment, reuniting Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders will have everyone in stitches when it airs on BBC1 at 9pm.

Tuesday, January 1 - New Year's Day

The Railway Children​

Based on E. Nesbit’s much-loved children’s bestseller, this film classic follows three Edwardian children who are forced to move to the country — only to discover they live a stone’s throw from a local railway.

Catch this on BBC1 at 1pm.


This 1968 film follows Oliver, a young orphan living in a workhouse who is offered a more glamorous life out on the streets as a pick pocket.

Sing along with all the classics at 2.25pm on Channel 5.

Inside Out

Following a series of personified emotions inside a young girl’s head this cartoon classic makes for unique movie magic.

Take a look at Pixar's view of how we feel things at 5pm on BBC1.

Glasgow Times:

The Revenant

This intense drama, which won Leonardo DiCaprio his first Oscar, places viewers in the 19th-century wilderness and tracks one man’s hunt for his missing son after a grizzly bear attack.

Be prepared this flick is two and a half hours long and starts at 10pm on BBC2.