A FAR-RIGHT group accused of being a front for neo-Nazis have tried to recruit at two Glasgow universities.

Generation Identity Scotland is part of a European-wide movement that opposes Islam, immigration and multiculturalism.

Members of the group posted propaganda at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) and Glasgow University in a bid to attract new members.

Both institutions have removed the posters and probes have been launched with police informed.

A spokeswoman for GCU said: “Three posters were removed as soon as they were discovered.

“The university has launched an investigation and notified Police Scotland in accordance with government policy.

"Glasgow Caledonian has a zero tolerance approach to literature which appears to promote extremist views, runs counter to the values of the University and is illegal.”

A spokeswoman for Glasgow University said: “A poster from the organisation Generation Identity was removed and any others which appear will also be removed. Literature of this kind has no place on our campus.”

A GI poster at the Department of Vision Science at GCU said: “You are not alone. Patriots walk among you.

"Join the patriotic revolution.”

GI Scotland tweeted a photo of the poster and said: “The worst thing you can do in these dark times is remain silent.

"Join the fastest growing patriotic movement in the UK.”

After the same poster was put up at Glasgow University, GI Scotland tweeted: “Many are ostracised at universities because they do not share the ethnomasochistic tendencies of fellow students and, instead, want to preserve their ethnocultural identity.”