AS I emerged from the smog of ringing in the new year coupled with the fond farewell of a case that left with me a bigger headache than the one I was battling today, I had just one thing on my mind – aspirin.

Luckily, the Moll arrived carrying a much needed glass of water and a promise to take the pain of the night before away.

“Drink this,” she said, “it’ll cure you in no time.”

I wasn’t convinced but chugged it back like medicine as she waited eagerly – it didn’t take a detective to tell she was after something else.

“I want to get some grub to mark the end of our new year celebrations,” she said.

I want the room to stop spinning but we can’t all get what we want, I thought, as I rolled my eyes and yanked myself from bed.

I was in no fit state to argue.

We hopped in the Buick and arrived at Bearsden joint just as the streets began to get dark.

“There,” Toots pointed as we scurried into Burger and Bun for a much needed heat.

It was a small place with a relaxed atmosphere – perfect for a chilly January night.

We headed for a window seat to enjoy a spot of people watching as dozens of determined runners sped past in a bid to kick start those new year’s resolutions.

It was inspiration, the Moll said, to keep up a few fitness resolutions of our own.

I rolled my eyes and pointed to the menu. All this talk was keeping me from what I set out for – a burger to cure the pounding in my head.

And, I wasn’t disappointed.

The menu featured such an array of delicious comfort food, I could barely decide where to begin.

We ordered a couple of soft drinks and two starters – a portion of nachos with all the trimmings and chicken skewers with Harrisa mayo – to keep us going while we made our choices. Both lacked a little flavour but, the massive portion size quickly dashed my hopes of making tonight’s outing a three-course affair.

Better choose my main wisely, I thought, knowing this meal would keep me going for some time.

I selected a simple cheese burger accompanied with a side of cheesy fries, which were quite easily the best fries I had ever tasted as Toots quickly discovered when she reached for a couple only to have her hand swiftly removed from my plate.

She certainly didn’t need any judging from the mountain of food sitting opposite me.

Toots went with the smoking hot burger, topped with smoked cheese, smoked bacon, spicy BBQ sauce and grilled jalapenos, with halloumi fries on the side.

“Good, filling,” she replied when I asked how she found her side dish.

Although, we both agreed the burgers were a little under done and a bit on the bland side.

We left feeling stuffed and happy with our choice.

We’ll definitely be back, I thought, as we returned to the Buick and headed home for a much needed nap.



Nachos - £4

Chicken skewers - £6


Cheese burger - £7

Smoking hot burger - £8

Cheesy fries - £4

Halloumi fries - £6


Pepsi x 2 - £5

Diet Pepsi x 2 - £5

TOTAl - £45


Food - ⭐⭐⭐

Atmosphere - ⭐⭐⭐

Service - ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Burger and Bun, 149 Milngavie Road, Bearsden, Glasgow G61 3DY