ONE of my favourite Instagram fashion icons Molly McFarlane recently told her followers about a nightmare scenario she was having with a dress she was planning on wearing to a wedding. Now based in Manchester, the sassy-styled Glasgow stunner had driven back to the city for the big event - only to find that she had forgotten her dress. Faced with a dilemma, Molly was torn between journeying back across the border for the dress or ordering another and hoping it arrived ahead of the ceremony. 

It turns out she did order a new one but instead of waiting for it to arrive, she and her friend spent the morning trying to track down the unsuspecting delivery driver to secure the dress. I chuckled at the image of Miss McFarlane looking all chuffed with herself, rollers in place, holding the parcel which had taken a stealth mission to get. 

Glasgow Times: Molly looking gorgeous in the dress she fought so hard to get her hands on.

This got me wondering, how far are we fashion addicts willing to go in order to get that item that we are so desperate for? The phrase ‘outfit to-die-for’ came from somewhere, right? Now I’m not suggesting we would go and do anything dangerous for the sake of some show-stopping shoes or a dreamy dress but have you ever been so frustrated by not being able to bag an item, that you considered selling your soul to the devil to get it? Just me then.

All joking aside, one of my best friends Embla actually admitted to me recently that she had cried when something she had in her basket went out of stock and I felt her pain. I’ve spent evenings calling every store in Glasgow to try and track down clothes that I just had to have after I clocked eyes with them.

It’s even worse when you’re relying on the item, like Molly, for a special event and the universe decides for some unknown reason that it isn’t going to be delivered today or that the store will have every size but the one you need.

I like Molly’s style in this scenario, it’s rather like the outlook we should all have in life. Instead of waiting around for something to happen and relying on others, take matters into your own hands. Go on a wild goose chase for an item if you want it that bad, because there’s nothing worse than not feeling as though you did everything you could. 

I’ll admit that when I want an item, it becomes an obsession and I would probably go to some extreme lengths to make it mine. How far would you go?

Until next time, stay stylish Glasgow.