A kind-hearted Glasgow shop owner has offered his store as a safe place for anyone who feels concerned for their safety.

Jamie Alexander O'Neill has offered his Hotspot shop on Sauchiehall Street as a place for anyone who feels intimidated or scared to come to following an incident involving a YouTube 'pickup' channel which saw a man arrested yesterday.

In a post on Facebook the shop owner said: "In light of recent incidents of women being followed and filmed by men, if you (man or woman) are in town and at any point feel concerned for your safety or feel intimidated, come to my shop and ask for me.

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"Whatever it is, and without being patronising, if you need help with something and I can do it, just walk in and ask."

The caring man suggested people might need a place to charge their phone or help when weather has left them stranded as well as a place to seek refuge if something bad has happened. 

"Maybe it’s just your phone ran out of battery and it needs charged or you need money to get home," he added.

Glasgow Times:

"Maybe the snow has left you stranded or maybe your son or daughter is going town with friends and you can give them our details in case something happens or maybe you just need to stand in the shop for a bit because something happened.

"If the shop is shut, walk to any bar or nightclub and say to the door staff, I need help and I can guarantee they will help sort your problem."

Jamie has received high praise for his "fantastic idea". 

Lynda Palmer said: "Thank you Jamie that is so considerate. The world would be a safer place if there were more people like you."

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Another, Patricia Allison added: "Nice to know decent people are still there."

The message comes following an arrest made in Glasgow after videos emerged online of a man approaching and filming unsuspected women on the streets.

The arrest was made in connection with a YouTube channel was created where viewers are urged to "master your masculine qualities", and offered coaching on how to "interact with hot girls" was shared on social media.

Footage posted online showed a man approaching and following unsuspecting women in shopping malls, nightclubs and on the street of Glasgow.

Police confirmed they were investigating the 'shameful and unacceptable' behaviour following widespread outcry on Thursday.

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A 37-year-old man has now been arrested in connection with an ongoing investigation into videos posted online.

Hotspot is located just next to the Savoy Centre on Sauchiehall Street.