A family have been left ‘distraught’ after a break-in at their family home last night.

The house on Donald Way, Uddingston, was forcefully broken into by thieves who ‘ransacked’ the house, taking gold jewellery worth five figures in value.

The crime was committed while the owner, a 64-year-old woman, and her son were both out.

The woman’s daughter, who does not wish to be named, told the Evening Times: “We’re all still a bit shook up, it’s devastating.

“My brother left the house just before 5pm yesterday and returned at 7. He felt a draught coming from the kitchen.

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“He went through and saw the door had been kicked down. He went upstairs and all of the bedrooms had been ransacked.

“A five figure sum worth of valuables, mostly jewellery was taken. They even managed to get into the safe.

“Gold necklaces, rings, earings - things that were really sentimental to mum which she got from her parents.

“My dad actually passed away a couple of years ago as well, so there’s a lot of sentimental value with the things which they took.

“My mum is distraught, she can’t even speak, as obviously they’ve taken things which she’s collected over the years.

“It’s our family home that we’ve lived in for over 30 years."

She added: “Our neighbours are really concerned. We think that the house must have been watched because our neighbours are quite close and we can see into each other's back gardens.

“They had to make sure that nobody was home and neither of our neighbours were about. They must have known when my mother works and when my brother left."

The family are calling on anyone who knows about the incident, or if they have seen the items of asian gold jewellery, to get in touch with police.

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A spokesperson for Police Scotland said: “Enquiries are still ongoing in regards to a break-in at a house on Donald Way, Uddingston, some time between 5pm and 7pm last night.

“We know a large quantity of jewellery was stolen.”