It seems that winter is well and truly here as the country saw temperatures plummet to the coldest they have been this season last night.

People of Glasgow awoke this morning to a heavy frost as it was reported that temperatures in some northern areas plunged as low as -10.7C during the night. 

Meteorologist Alex Burkill said: "Winter's here now properly. It feels like winter and the weather's resembling it."

While the city may have dodged the yellow weather warning for snow and ice that has seen southern Scotland, England and the north Midlands preparing for disruption, it seems the possibility of snow for Glasgow is not yet out of sight. 

According to the Met Office today will see some sunshine in Glasgow with clouds forming tonight bringing patches of light rain, sleet or snow. 

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Saturday will bring a cloudy start to the day with any spots of rain or sleet dying out as sunny intervals develop in the afternoon. 

However, forecasters have also warned that heading into next week the threat of snow could return on Monday before wintery showers sweep in on Tuesday.