A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to raise thousands of pounds to help a Buckfast-mad man pay for an antique bottle of the popular alcoholic drink. 

The miniature bottle of Bucky sold for £10,000 in an online auction on Thursday night, with the winning bid made by West Lothian man Tam Wilson. 

Put on sale on Sunday by Glasgow-based owner Jonathan Porter after he found it during a family clearout, the item dates back more than 80 years and pre-dates World War Two. 

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Messages posted on social media revealed that Mr Porter had placed a £50 reserve on the item, meaning anyone bidding less than this would not be successful. 

But on Thursday night Tam, the tonic wine connoisseur, shelled out the huge bid, with a Facebook post revealing he was willing to bid as much as £20,000 for the small bottle. 

Posting on social media, he wrote: "Looks like I have won the buckfast for 10k, what am I gonna do?"

However, the legitimacy of the auction has been called into question after friends of Mr Wilson launched a crowdfunder online revealing he does not have the money to pay for his winnings. 

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There are now fears that even if Mr Wilson cannot afford the purchase, the original owner, Mr Porter, may still be liable as much as £250 in fees. 

The online fundraiser states: "The silly b*****d mate of mine has only won this bottle for £10K.

"Absolute hilarious situation, but not for the seller, nor is it hilarious for Tam, as the Buckfast he was under the influence of at the time of bidding, has well and truly worn off!

"He’s Buckfast Wine‘s number one fan! Let‘s pull together, as sesh-heads do, and get him this bottle and fulfil his life. Thanks in advance."