A CAMPAIGN has been launched to save a South Side bowling green from closure.

Mount Florida Bowling Club could potentially be sold off due to falling membership, according to inside sources.

Locals are now rallying together potential members who could contribute to keeping the much-loved sporting facility open.

Members of the Mount Florida community council said that they found “by chance” that a meeting had taken place in October to discuss closing the club and potentially selling the site on to a developer.

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A final decision on the future of the club is yet to be made but concerned locals hope that by attracting new members, the green could stay open.

Chris Bryant said: “We are desperate to prevent another green space and 110-year old club fall either into disrepair forcing the council to allow redevelopment or see yet more flats or social housing built on what was originally gifted space for the community.

“There is a lot silence over this in certain parts of the membership. The members who are not party to this (of which some have over seven-years service) do not want the club to close but be brought more into the 21st century (as with most clubs) and hopefully be made more open to the community and fresh new beginnings.”

Local councillor Archie Graham has backed the campaign and signed up for a membership himself in a bid to help.

He said: “I fully support the campaign to retain Mount Florida bowling club as a valuable community asset that promotes sport and encourages healthy living.

“I have just completed a membership application form and am encouraging friends and family to do likewise. It is crucial that the local community takes action to stop the sale of this wonderful local facility.”

Council leader and local member Susan Aitken said falling membership is affecting several clubs across the city.

She added: "I’ve visited to Mount Florida Bowling Club many times, and I’m always impressed by the energy and effort that the members put into keeping the sport going and the greens and clubhouse so beautifully maintained.

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"But the future of many bowling clubs in the city is in doubt as a consequence of falling memberships and there have been several closures on recent years. It would be a terrible shame if that happened in Mount Florida, and I’d urge local people who value this amenity to support the club.

"Ultimately, the future of bowling clubs are in the hands of their members – so join up, play some bowls, get involved and help give Mount Florida Bowling Club a future.”

Councillor Anna Richardson has also pledged to support the campaign.

She said: "This campaign shows how strongly local people feel about the bowling club- as a green space but also as a social space for the community. It’s great to see this support reflected in the number of residents who are expressing interest in joining, and hopefully it will enable the Club to thrive for years to come."

Read more: Historic Glasgow bowling club earmarked for luxury flats

As previously reported by the Evening Times, residents in the West End began a campaign to save their local bowling green.

The former Corunna Bowling Club, which forms part of the St Vincent Crescent Conservation Area in Finnieston, has been earmarked for 39 flats and duplex apartments.

A representative from Mount Florida Bowling Club was unavailable for comment when approached by the Evening Times.