THE rail link to Glasgow Airport should still be built, according to the former leader of the Council.

Frank McAveety, who was the chair of the City Region Cabinet when it approved the plan, criticised the SNP leadership for scrapping the plan for a direct tram/train link

He said if there are wider capacity issues then resources should be allocated and they should be dealt with.

Last week the Evening Times revealed the airport access executive steering group chaired by the Transport Secretary, which includes the leaders of Glasgow and Renfrewshire councils, said it was taking forward plans for a Personal Rapid Transit system from the airport to Paisley Gilmour Street station.

Susan Aitken, Glasgow City Council leader, said any project had to deliver “value for money” and on social media said that “Labour failed to deliver any workable or affordable solution to airport connectivity.”

She added that “Expert advice told us Labour’s unworkable scheme would have been a financial calamity.”

Ms Aitken added she was “Not sure whether Labour are being dense or cynical” on the rail link issue.

Mr McAveety however, said that only one out of several reports into the rail link showed capacity issues and the decision to abandon the project is an over-reaction.

Instead he said: “If the SNP was concerned about capacity issues, and interested in truly standing up for Glasgow, they’d start making the case for extra investment. “Investment that includes the Glasgow Crossrail project. A new station at Glasgow Cross could become one of the busiest in Scotland and make sure that we keep Glasgow moving and growing.

“Our city is growing year on year and continues to be the powerhouse of the Scottish economy.

“It’s time there the SNP stopped dragging their feet, put the Glasgow Airport Rail Link project back on track and invested in the railway network that our city needs.”

The new plan is to develop a business case for pods taking people from the Airport to the current station at Paisley and from there transfer onto the existing rail network either to Glasgow or west to and south to Inverclyde and Ayrshire.

Mr McAveety the Labour Group leader on Glasgow City Council, added “This is the second time that Glasgow has had its rail link project axed by the SNP.

“Glasgow is one of few cities its size that does not have a dedicated rail link to its airport.

“I can get a train into Glasgow City Centre from the East End, and from there a train directly to Prestwick or Manchester airports. If I want to get to Glasgow airport, the chances are I’ll end up being stuck in growing traffic on the M8.”

Ms Aitken said : “Improved connectivity to Glasgow Airport is a key priority; however the advice from officers and consultants is that significant questions remain about the deliverability of the current tram train option, particularly in relation to capacity at Central Station.”