AS January finally came to a close, the health kick was over for almost everyone – except for Toots.

She had spent her days exercising and controlling calories, while I clung to the comforts of a handy glass of red wine.

As we entered February, I hoped she’d give up the ghost but, alas, I was wrong.

Mere seconds after I slumped through the door after a long week at Tec Towers I was ambushed with demands from the Moll.

“I want to go out again, we’ve been stuck in practically all month,” she barked.

Tired from a long case and feeling the need for a feed, I surrendered.

“Fine. Where?”

“I know just the place,” she said triumphantly as she threw me the keys to the Buick.

We arrived outside Raffaelle’s, in Bearsden, just as the heavens opened.

As we hurried inside to dry off, we were met by an inviting and warm interior with a swanky, modern decor.

The friendly hostess showed us to our table by the window and I excitedly picked up the wine list.

“Let’s not waste our calories,” said dollface, without averting her eyes from the menu.

I rolled mine but agreed, too famished to argue.

Instead, I turned my attention to the fare and I wasn’t disappointed by the selection.

This place had it all, from the grand to the comfort food.

I settled on a mozzarella fritta to start, while Goldilocks opted for gamberoni.

Shortly afterwards two large portions appeared and we were eager to dig in.

The breaded sticks of creamy mozzarella hit the spot straight away.

But, things didn’t go quite so well for the Moll.

The prawns proved a little too tough and the sauce was overpowered by the volume of onions.

We pushed on to our mains.

I chose the classic pollo milanese, which arrived in yet another hearty portion.

I tucked in and wasn’t let down. The penne arrabbiata was perfectly spiced and the chicken cooked just right.

For the Moll, it was a large bowl of mussels in tomato, garlic and white wine served with a garlic bread side.

She was delighted with her selection, which made up for the starter.

We were too full for dessert thanks to the generous portions presented to us, however the Moll opted for a latte before we left.

All in all, it was a fine night out and a great way to spend a cold, rainy evening.

But, it definitely won’t be a weekly occurrence.

The meal was pretty pricey, and the food was a little forgettable at such a hefty outlay.



Mozzarella Fritta - £7.25

Gamberoni - £8.95


Pollo milanese - £15.95

Cozze alla marinara - £14.95


Lemonade and lime x 2 - £5.20

Soda water and lime x 2 - £5.20

Latte - £3.30

Total £60.80


Food - ⭐⭐⭐

Atmosphere - ⭐⭐⭐

Service - ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Raffaelle’s, 151-155 Milngavie Road, Bearsden, G61 3DY