A SURVIVOR of abuse at the hands of ex-Celtic Boys Club paedophile Frank Cairney has spoken out after he was jailed for his crimes today.

The man, who opted to remain anonymous, gave evidence at the 83-year-old's trial in Hamilton Sheriff Court.

Cairney committed the offences against boys as young as 12 between 1965 and 1986.

He met the children through his role as a football coach and abused them at various locations including his car, a school and church hall in Uddingston and at Parkhead and Barrowfield training ground in Glasgow.

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He was jailed for four years.

His victim said: “I am glad that this evil abuser of children has received a custodial sentence.

"However four years seems completely insufficient for the life time sentence myself and others abused by this man continue to serve.

"What this monster did to me I will take with me to the grave. I wish the authorities in this country would take a look at the sentences handed down to men like Cairney and ask themselves whether they really feel they are sufficient for the crimes.”

The former boys club player is embarking on a civil case against Celtic Football Club.

Patrick McGuire a partner at Thompsons Solicitors who represents several survivors of abuse by Cairney said: “The close links between Celtic Football Club and the Boys Club are clear and undeniable.

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"Celtic think they can hide from their moral and legal responsibilities by claiming they were a separate organisation.

"This is a shabby, immoral and insulting position for an organisation like Celtic Football Club to take. Instead of ignoring survivors who, as children, were abused under your care do the right thing and meet with us. "We can settle these cases in a dignified and decent manner. If you continue to ignore us we will see you in court.”

Celtic FC have been contacted for comment.

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