STEVEN GERRARD said a few weeks ago that Ross McCrorie was a potential captain of Rangers in the future and it has been really pleasing to see him perform the way he has recently.

He got more praise from the manager after the game with Kilmarnock at the weekend and I think the big difference in him right now is confidence. That has come from the manager.

Ross is a tremendous athlete, he is quick, aggressive and powerful, even though he doesn’t look it. He will only get better and the words from Steven about him being able to go on and skipper the team will give him a huge boost.

He doesn’t get a lot of assists by threading through balls, he is not like a Steve Davis or a Barry Ferguson. But he brings so much to the team in a defensive sense and he does a terrific job in the middle of the park.

As he gets older and improves, he will realise his full potential and he could change his game, because he can pass the ball. There is not much that he can’t do and he has had some great praise from the manager.