IN today's Evening Times, we revealed that council bosses are bringing in a trial to try to radically alter how children travel to school.

At seven primaries across the city - Bankhead, Broomhill, Hillhead, Lourdes, Our Lady of the Rosary, St Blane's and Toryglen - councillors are looking at plans to stop traffic at morning drop off and afternoon pick up.

The idea is to make travel safer but also healthier, with the hope that youngsters will be walking and cycling to school.

But what do parents think of it? Plenty have been taking to social media to share their views.

Yvonne Holland expressed concerns shared by several parents.

BANNED: Drastic action at Glasgow primaries over dangerous driving by pupils' parents

She wrote: "Surely this is just going to push the traffic onto the streets nearest the no car zones?"

And Jakki Oliver added: "What about disabled parents who cannot walk far?

"Will something be set up to help those get their kids to school if they are unable to park close enough?"

Pam Gibson said: "This is a joke.

"My youngest daughter's school has a no parking zone outside the gate which some parents still park on.

"This zone is for the lollipop person to see on coming traffic.

"My younger sister was knocked down while crossing with the lollipop person 32 years ago when road traffic was lighter.

"Is it going to take another child being knocked down for people not to park on the car free zones?"

Leona Zara Black wrote on Facebook: "Good finally something is getting done.

"Lourdes Avenue is horrendous. Parking on the Church Drive is always blocking all pavements.

BANNED: Drastic action at Glasgow primaries over dangerous driving by pupils' parents

"You're having to take kids on the road to get past them.

"They sit and look at you because you're cursing at them.

"Someone said about the weather here? We live in Scotland - you made that choice, we know the weather can be harsh, come on.

"You wrap them up and walk the 10mins or so. I am over 20 minutes away, that was my choice.

"I get the bus or walk my child to school, my oldest goes to Lourdes High and he cycles to school and my other oldest goes to Govan High in the opposite direction but he still buses it or walks it to school.

"It's just sheer laziness. And we wonder why our kids put weight on and stay at home and never leave a computer screen."

Peter Glenburn wrote: "What I find amusing is the same parents who park on zig zag, double park, park on junctions, on crossings and all the other dangerous stuff they do because they must pick up their little darlings by car rather than walk to a safer spot, are the same parents who whinge about everyone else's driving endangering their precious offspring."

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Other parents already want the scheme extended.

Nicola McCracken said: "Should do this outside St Timothy's and St Andrew's.

"With both schools so close the traffic is terrible.

"Cars actually parking in the middle of lanes in front of bus stops and even where the lollipop man stands they are parked so we have to walk round cars to get across the road.

"[It] is ridiculous and so dangerous."

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Mount Florida, King's Park, Wellshot and St Paul's primaries all also got a mention for being traffic hot spots.

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