A DEVASTATED Glasgow dog owner is urging other pet owners in the city to be careful after her beloved pooch died when she ingested poison.

Pamela Mcculloch issued the warning online after her dog fell ill after a walk in Pollok Park.

In a post which has since gone viral, Pamela wrote: “Hi everyone I just want to let you know that the post mortem carried out on Daisy has shown she ingested poison, looks like antifreeze.

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“The only place Daisy ever walked off lead is Pollok Park and having spoken to other dog owners it seems a few dogs have suffered this also.

“The poison caused kidney and heart failure within 12 hours, so we couldn’t have known what would happen as we didn’t see her eat anything. She used to love running through the woods and we suspect this is where it was placed.

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“Please can I ask all dog owners to be super vigilant whilst in any park, but especially POLLOK PARK as I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

“Please share this to let other dog owners know.”

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