Council officials have moved to reassure cyclists in Glasgow after concerns were raised about junctions on a developing bicycle route.

Videos which emerged on social media show cyclists travelling on the developing South City Way dangerously cut off by a driver travelling on Pollokshaws Road.

The £6.5 million project, which will create a segregated pathway between Queen’s Park and the city centre, is on track for completion this year.

Campaigners and bicycle users have spoken out about the problem junction at Devon Street, and have asked for the matter to be resolved “urgently” by the council.

Iona Shepherd, co-convenor of GoBike, said: “We are delighted to see well designed segregated cycle lanes finally being installed, and the South City Way is a great, albeit unfinished, route.

“Unfortunately we have identified that the side streets on the route have not been well designed, and we are concerned about the safety of people on bikes heading straight, when beside turning vehicles.

“We know that there have already been a number of near misses at the junction of Pollokshaws Road and Devon Street, and we would ask that the side street markings on the South City Way are reassessed as a matter of urgency.”

The group have also requested minor changes to the pathway, with brighter colours and tighter corners installed to safeguard cyclists.

Glasgow City Council have assured the group the necessary segregation will be in place by project completion.

A spokesman added: “The addition of road markings and signage will help to ensure the safe passage of all road users.

“The route will be the subject of full safety audit that will identify any hazards that may exist, and allow for any adjustments to be made as necessary.”