THE topics that have our readers writing into us this week:

Firefighters’ heavy duty

THERE are fewer woman than men in the fire service (Evening Times, February 25) simply because one of the vital necessities is to be able to climb a turntable ladder to assist someone out of a burning premises by throwing them over your shoulder and descend ingthe ladder.

Many of those being rescued can be in excess of 15 stone.

Not many women could do that and it is not sexist to suggest that it is.

However, I would think it is rather sexist to hold woman-only days for recruits.

LJT, Glasgow

City centre action plan

I NOTE the council announcing a new action plan for the city centre.

I am aware of a citizen and business led action group who are trying to improve the city centre.

Hopefully, both are interlinked and working together.

I walked past the Hielanman’s Umbrella the other day and observed five vulnerable people building a living room in one of the vacated shops. It would seem to me nothing has changed.

Name and address supplied

Sectarianism in Scotland

I AGREE with Lee McCulloch that football has an opportunity to drive a wedge against sectarianism in Scotland by all factions coming together to call this behaviour out.

Someone or some group should take the initiative by setting up a Scottish Football Fans Against Sectarianism group and drive to finally end this stain on our country.

MA, Glasgow

Political party move

The recent defection by several MPs from their political parties does not sit well with me as they were voted in on the policies of the major party they represented rather than their individual ability to represent their constituency.

These individuals should be made relinquish their seat and stand for election on their altered political direction.

Name and address supplied

Student neighbours

I HAVE deep sympathy for the residents in the West End affected by rowdy student neighbours (Evening Times, Thursday).

I know what it’s like to stay in tenement blocks in Glasgow with student neighbour living in the block.

Sadly no consideration is given about fellow neighbours by these student residents.

KMA, via email

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