Environmental protesters marched from the Clydeside Ampitheatre to George Square in protest on Saturday at the very real threat Global Warming poses to future generations.

Extinction Rebellion led protesters along several main roads including Union Street, forward onto Gordon Street, Buchanan Street, Queen Street and finally into George Square.

With nearly 150 protesters walking in unison, there was some slight traffic disruption on several roads but the march passed off relatively peacefully

The Evening Times spoke to a few of the activists on the aim of today's protest.

Tobias Walters said: "This protest today is very important, as it focuses around the flooding issues, which will become problematic, especially around the routes we're walking on today.

"A lot of low lying areas around here, especially those closest to the Clyde River will be under water if we don't do anything."

Olivia Nathan said: Organisers in Glasgow got in contact with me on my platform, and just said they had seen me sing at one of my previous actions at Parliament, i've got a specific task at 2 o clock to sing a specific song.

"I'm just kind of inspiring chants amongst the group until then, but it's a pleasure for me to get people singing together, coming together, there's always a mixture of emotion at these events though. I feel really excited but it's also good for building a sense of unity between people."

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Anna Fisk spoke passionately saying: "We're representing the waters rising up from the Clyde, that's why we're all dressed in blue, we're going to move through the city in three different ways, along the roads and paths.

"The different groups are all going to meet and join up in George Square."

If nothing is done about climate change, seven generations from now the world will not be sustainable."

The sea of people, many of whom brought along homemade placards and protest signs, sang chants as they made their way along the streets of Glasgow.

There were several protesters wearing yellow vests, drawing inspiration from the recent 'Yellow Vest' protests taking place across France.

Aiming to highlight the need for councils in Scotland to declare a climate emergency, 29 local authorities have already done so, but as of yet no authorities in Scotland have followed suit.

The protest follows a week that began with Scotland recording one of its warmest winter days on record, and finshes the week with Storm Freya bringing 80mph gale force winds and torrential rain.